Maclan MRR V4 13.5T Fully Loaded Edition Motor


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This Maclan Racing V4 13.5T Fully Loaded Edition motor is meticulously hand-selected and assembled with enhanced components, followed by a comprehensive inspection and tuning process conducted by a professional technician.

Upgraded Components:

1. Titanium Screw Set (MCL4347)  
2. Ceramic Bearing Set (MCL4296)  
3. Premium Ultra High Torque Rotor (MCL4337)  


Performance Inspection and Tuning Processes:

1. Hall Sensor Alignment  
2. Rotor Re-Shim  
3. Bearing Lubrication 
4. Complete Motolyzer Test with Printout Report  


Each V4 Signature Series motor undergoes rigorous testing using Maclan Racing’s lab equipment to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. The enclosed Motolyzer test report is provided for your records and is not intended for comparison with other testing equipment.