Maclan Racing Graphene V2 HV 2S Shorty 5000 mAh


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This is Maclan Racing Graphene V2 HV 2S Shorty 5000 mAh. 

The Maclan Racing “Race Formula Graphene V2” battery is our latest 2019 chemistry. We took our 2018 design and pushed performance to the next level with lower internal resistance, stronger run-time voltages, and more usable capacity. The Graphene V2 offers all the popular configurations, (stick and shorty) for both on and off road applications.


  • Lower internal resistance
  • 2019 chemistry for optimized discharge curves
  • Better power to weight ratio
  • 5mm bullet type connectors for maximum power throughput
  • 10C maximum charge rate, 3C charge rate recommended for the longest life span
  • 7.6V (2S) nominal voltage
  • ROAR approval pending


 Item                                Value                         
P/N: MCL6010
Battery Type: HV Shorty 2S Pack
Voltage: 7.6V nominal
Capacity: 5000 mAh
Dimension: 47x96x25.1mm
Weight: 207g ±2g
Connector Type: 5mm + 2mm Bullet
Maximum Charge Rate: 10C (Recommend 3C for the best life span)
Maximum Discharge Rate:  120C
ROAR Approval:  Pending 




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