ARC R8.2 LCG Car Kit


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This is ARC R8.2 LCG Car Kit.

The R8.2 LCG is based on the R8.2 kit with 2mm Lower upper-deck and engine height. The lower center gravity makes handling much easier and more precise, also less traction roll when traction becomes higher. The original R8.2 LCG design was done by Stefano Gandin, who dedicates his knowledge and time to develop and test on the track with Jonathan Gandin. The race results have proven the performance of the LCG design. 

The R8.2 LCG reduces 2mm height on the upper-deck and engine mount. The advantage of lower gravity helps to reduce chassis rolling and it helps to increase response in mid to high traction track with less traction roll if traction is extremely high.

R8.2 LCG also comes with the new separated type, rear low arm bulkhead. The separated mount increases the flex in rear side and increases the traction and exit corner stability. 

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