ARC R8.1E Car Kit


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This is ARC R8.1E Car Kit.

The new front bulkhead now comes with adjustable belt tension function. The driver can adjust front and middle belt tension easily. The rear bulkhead adapts all new design similar to the ARC nitro version R81. The new anti-roll bar gives rear end more traction and stability. The adjustable rear axle remains same and is easy to adjust rear belt tension.

All new rear suspension block. The R8.1E moves both rear arms and shock tower to centre position. It improves to extend the rear arm to become longer and increase the traction and stability of the car.

The transmission remains 3-belt design and perfectly position through the centre of the chassis, it helps to centralize both the battery and motor location. It also comes with CVD drive shafy and light aluminum wheel axle in both front and rear sides for the optimized performance.

The R8.1E were developed and tested under all new 1/8th On-Road racing car rule of modified class. We recommend to use 2800kv motor and 2 pack of 2S Li-Po. The standard 27T pinion with 57T spur make F.D.R in 4.86 can make 5 mins race with very good speed.

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