ARC A10 Car Kit


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This is ARC A10 Car Kit.

The A10 is ARC's latest generation 1/10 electric touring car and it's ready to hit the track! Built on a completely new platform. The A10 was developed with some key goals in mind - a lower center of gravity, increased mechanical grip, easy maintenance & setup and full adjustability. 

New Upper Deck

Featuring a new one-piece upper deck, the A10 is super easy to drive out-of-the-box and suits a wide range of track conditions. An optional two-piece design is available to independently tune the front and rear flex for racers looking to get the most out of their A10.

There are 3pcs flex screws in front end and 2pcs flex screws in rear, more flex screws mount on the upper deck will make less flex.

All New One-Piece Motor Bulkhead

The new one-piece motor bulkhead casters for both upper deck designs, allowing different flex options via both the chassis and top decks. the bottom of the motor bulkhead now also features a 3mm center alignment pin to better locate the chassis when less chassis screws are used. This allows extra chassis flex to be dialed in with less likelihood of tweaking.

Full Carbon Low Arms

The brand new lower arms of the A10 are made from from 3mm thick, high quality carbon fiber plate and are stronger and lighter than traditional composite arms. The design of the new lower arms allow the arms to be moved further inboard for an even longer arm than the R12. Back-to-back testing has confirmed this new design to be even easier to drive while achieving greater corner speed. 

Adjustable Upper Arms

The upper arms are now fully adjustable on the A10. This means both camber and caster are fully adjustable. This also means that dive and squat settings on the lower arms can now be set without interfering with caster settings - something that was not possible on the R12.

The upper arm base features 2 different length bushings to allow adjustment of the upper arm in 3 different lengths. Generally, a longer upper arm will give more traction at the expense of some steering response. 

The all new suspension arm design allows even more roll center adjustments on both the inside and outside linkages.

Body Stop Upper Arm

The upper arm now incorporates mounting points for adjustable body stops. This allows the simple of use of a screw to act as a body stop. Using this allows the height of the body to be lowered while preventing the front tires from touching the wheel arches during cornering. This improves the handling characteristics of the car during hard cornering and aids aerodynamic performance. 

Low Friction Ball Joints

All ball joints on the A10 are now using ARC's low friction ball ends. These provide smoother operation with less wear and slop between the ball joints and balls.

ATS System

The A10's rear suspension system now features an integrated the Active Toe System (ATS). This system allows the rear toe angle to vary during suspension travel, for further ease of tuning. By varying the angle of the ATS linkage, the amount of rear tow gain or loss can be varied to suit your driving style and track conditions. 

The default setup increases rear toe during suspension travel. This further improves traction and corner speed with improved tire wear.

Horizontal Body Post

The optional horizontal body post helps to lower the rear center gravity, while the extended rear body tower can also reduce the body deflection bend during impact.

This setup results in slightly reduced rear downforce which can deliver increased corner speed under certain conditions.

Caster Gauge Included

ARC's bespoke caster gauge is included with every A10 kit. The caster gauge can be adjusted to suit most setup stations that are available on the market today.

Easy Access Spur

The spur adaptor on the A10 is mounted on one side of the motor bulkhead, allowing easy access to the spur and belts. This allows for simple maintenance and spur replacement without removing upper deck and motor bulkhead. 

Battery Holder Included

The included carbon fiber battery holder suits both standard and shorty LiPo batteries, with two corresponding sets of holes on the chassis for both types of batteries. Racers can either fasten the battery with tape or use the included adjustable battery retaining tab.

R12 SRS Servo Compatible

The R12 SRS servo is also compatible on the new A10. Featuring a super high response speed, the SRS servo features direct chassis mounting. This brings the servo 8mm closer to center of the chassis compared to using other low profile servos.